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26.04.2012 (1314 Days Ago)


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It makes the first transparent solar panel
It makes the first transparent solar panel
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The inclusion of renewable energy in buildings is becoming progressively. It is a specialist Remica, achieving efficiency in addition to its facilities, but it precisely every time there are new findings that contribute to these improvements.

One of the latest is the first solar panel manufacturing transparent, allowing solar energy to get through such fundamental parts and usable as the advantages.

From Heliatek, a German company, claim to have achieved, allowing trapping solar energy without the windows no longer transparent, allowing use of space available as power generators. Previously we had tried to do the same with other prototypes, however, is the first time you get to be fully transparent and that the shadows of the mechanism did not hinder vision.

These new monocystalline solar panel windows will be available from 2015, with a material according to the company, will be similar to sunglasses, offering a fully transparent spot to avoid glare and shadows. The material is very light and strong, made ​​at the cellular level organic compounds that are inserted into tinted windows.

Since the company believe that the technology could be applied to other surfaces of transparent materials such as rocks, bricks, plaster, or ceramic, which would take almost any building surface to generate power.

The disadvantage at this time is the high cost, which will hold back its marketing and in-depth development.

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